"Hands" A choir dedicated to Giulio Regeni

January 25th is a date we must never forget. This was the day that Giulio Regeni disappeared. His abduction and subsequent murder deeply affected many people - his family and close friends; his former classmates at the United World College; and, students and tutors with whom he was studying at University … more people than we will ever know about were left shocked when they heard the awful news.

So many people crossed paths with him. Many were Italian. Many were not. But all of them were touched by the way he chose to live his life and the values he held. Values of union and co-existence.

And it is precisely those values on which the United World Colleges (UWC) are founded. These are international schools with branches all over the world that focus on education as a force to unite peoples, nations and cultures, and pursuing peace, international understanding and a sustainable future. Giulio studied for two years at the UWC-USA.

‘Hands’ is a peace anthem written by March. (real name Marcello Mereu), who is also a former student of the United World Colleges. The song was written in collaboration with musicians mikki and Alessandro Cirone who co-wrote the music and produced it. It is sung by the United World College students’ choir, and directed by Stefano Sacher.

Amnesty International Italy has endorsed this music project because it enables them to talk about a cause that is close to their heart. The song underlines the values of peace, tolerance, justice and, of course, truth.

"With this song,” says Marcello, “we want to ensure that we do not forget Giulio … and all the women and men who suffer, or have suffered, torture and who have not yet found justice … but who do not give up, and continue to fight peacefully for the values in which they believe. One way to make this happen is to share the song and spread our message. "

‘Hands’ is available to download for free at cellolabel website and on other online music platforms.

# truthforgiulioregeni